Our Mission


Survivor's Ink exists to empower human trafficking survivors by breaking the psychological chains of enslavement through beautifying, removing, or covering their physical scars, markings, and brandings, which are constant reminders of a violent past. In addition, we strive to be a reliable resource connection to direct services for victims and survivors in order to help them rebuild their lives.

Our Objectives

  • To help survivors of human trafficking overcome the painful reminders of their past by offering cover-up tattoos or removal services for brandings and/or scars they received while being trafficked: We seek to create a international support network of providers to help human trafficking survivors break the psychological chains of enslavement created by the scars of their pasts.


  • To be a valuable and reliable resource for human trafficking victims and survivors: We maintain a network of partner organizations that exist to serve victims and survivors of human trafficking. Through our follow-up care program, we strive to help survivors along their journey to restoration by meeting their basic needs and connecting them to the services they require.


  • To raise awareness of human trafficking within communities through advocacy events and specialized training sessions: We seek to educate our local communities about the facts of human trafficking. We offer Human Trafficking 101 and Prevention Education. 


Our Vision

We seek to be the survivor’s advocate by becoming the collective voice of the survivors we serve.  We feel it is paramount to keep the survivor’s voice in the center of what we do and promote other organizations do the same.  We continue to grow our survivor advisory board consisting of a network of survivor leaders from across the country and hopefully soon around the world.  Our survivor advisory board is not only a living database of vetted services in their respective areas, but they aid in advocacy, spreading awareness and provide advisory services.   

We believe true restoration can occur through effective partnerships and our ability to represent the heart of the mission. Our de-branding program positions us in direct contact with survivors of human trafficking, enabling us to connect them to local resources, tailored to their unique needs: job connections, emotional support services, housing, and government resources to name a few. It is our goal to combat the damaging effects of human trafficking through de-branding and connection to the resources needed to help each survivor on their journey to recovery.


Meet the Team

Photo Credit: Alaina Fabbro

Photo Credit: Alaina Fabbro

Jennifer Kempton, Founder

Jennifer will always remain at the heart of our organization. May her legacy never be forgotten.

February 20, 1982 - May 18, 2017

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Mary Fischer, Executive Director

Mary works behind the scenes to ensure everything runs smoothly and compliantly. She orchestrates, advises and manages the inner workings of our cause and is a key player in helping build the organization. 

Copy of 2017.9.15-Jess-lr_jpeg-1.jpg

Jessica Graham, Survivor Liaison and Victim Services Director

Jessica ensures the survivor's voice remains the center of our operations and connects victims and survivors to resources they need to help them on their journey to recovery. 

Photo Credit: Aude Adrien

Photo Credit: Aude Adrien

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