Donate Dignity

A Survivor's Ink scholarship allows a trafficking survivor to receive a new, chosen tattoo over the ownership brands forced upon them while enslaved.

Help us restore freedom, dignity, beauty.

Your gift will help Survivor's Ink offer scholarships to survivors like, Ruthie, who remarked "Now I am free", when she received her new tattoo that covered the branding she was given while enslaved.

You will also be supporting  awareness initiatives, advocacy services and, of course, the growth of Survivor's Ink to help us stop this bondage ~ one life at a time.

Thank you for your support.

We are committed to providing a special experience to each survivor we serve. We provide meals, transportation and sometimes personal necessity items. We gladly accept gift cards or other in-kind donations which are eligible for a tax-deductible receipt. 

You can mail your donations to Survivor's Ink, P.O. Box 44001, Columbus, OH 43204