Jennifer Kempton

Photo by Alaina Fabbro

Photo by Alaina Fabbro

April 20, 1982 - May 18, 2017

Jennifer Kempton, founder of Survivors Ink (SI)

Although Jennifer is no longer here beside us in the fight against human trafficking, we seek  to honor her work and legacy. We will continue to work in Jennifer’s memory to empower survivors to break their chains of bondage. She would expect nothing less of us. 

The two main missions of Survivor’s Ink are to connect survivors to resources and to cover the marks of ownership and violence given to them by their traffickers. Every life touched by SI is in honor of Jennifer and the way she inspired us all to make a difference. And with each life we touch, we hope to find healing for the pain of losing her.



Founder & Director / Inspirational Speaker / Educational Instructor / Abolitionist / Advocate

Jennifer Kempton was a survivor of human trafficking who used her experience to promote awareness and advocate for social change.  During her horrific time on the streets she was branded and sold by her abusers. After obtaining her freedom, these marks became constant reminders of her abuse until she was given a gift of a tattoo cover-up.  The liberation she experienced through covering her brands inspired her to found Survivor’s Ink.   

Survivor’s Ink

Formed in 2014 under the umbrella organization Art for Abolition and later Gracehaven, Survivor’s Ink has quickly grown into an organization receiving global attention. 


Civic Awards:

  • 2016 Liberator Award: Organization of the Year
  • 2016 Role Model Difference Maker Award - Jennifer Kempton


After establishing an independent 501c3 in August of 2015, Survivor’s Ink expanded its mission and offerings.  In addition to providing cover-up tattoos (sometimes referred to as de-branding tattoos), the organization also provides follow-up care and advocacy to our survivors, ensuring their long-term stability and success by connecting them with the resources they need.

Additionally, prevention education, has become an essential part of the fight against human trafficking. Jennifer had the privilege of speaking in the following educational venues, with many of them forming their own anti-trafficking coalitions in response to her testimony.

  • Ohio State University
  • OSU Zanesville
  • Columbus City High Schools
  • Nationwide Children’s Hospital
  • Justice League of Ohio
  • Hilliard City High Schools
  • Penn State University
  • University of Nebraska, Kearny
  • The Well Church
  • Ft. Hayes High School
  • WV - Social Services Event: In the Mind of a Human Trafficker

 Jennifer had also been a cornerstone in awareness events and campaigns by sharing her story along with her firsthand knowledge of the tactics and psychology of the human trafficking industry.  Some of the events at which she had been a key player include:

  • Unlocking the Chains
  • Concept Freedom
  • Break Every Chain Conference
  • Reynoldsburg Break Every Chain
  • End Slavery, Cincinnati
  • Eyes Wide Open
  • Fit for Freedom 5K
  • Transforming Scars into Art

Through Jennifer’s excellent networking skills, Survivor’s Ink secured many partnerships and garnered support from organizations across the country including:

  • Girls with Attitude / Hazels House of Hope
  • CATCH Court
  • Woman’s Life
  • Crossroads TV Church

Jennifer’s dedication, perseverance, vision, and drive transformed Survivor’s Ink from dream into a highly engaged and successful reality. Her ability to inspire and activate volunteers and donors paved the way for the organization’s success.